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2018 Event Calendar

June 1-3 —Fort Bennett “Wildcat” Voo Contact James “Nonose” Thompson 501-269-5833.

June 12th, Tuesday, -  Keelboat and EARA members invited to present at the Ouachita Valley Association.  Held at the Overflow Lodge near Wilmot, AR (a few miles east of Crossett, AR). Start time is 10am.  EARA members are invited to present their various kills and crafts while Association members tour the keelboat.  The keelboat will be on the trailer.  Address is 895 HWY 173 West, Wilmot, AR.  Call or text Edward Williams for more info, 501-944-0736.

June 23rd, Saturday - Arkansas Post National Memorial.  Program starts at 10am.  The keelboat will be in the water, so, in addition to EARA presenters of crafts and skills we need a crew of three to five to row from the boat ramp to Memorial, about one mile.  Call or text Edward Williams for more info, 501-944-0736.

July 4th, Wednesday—Territorial 4th of July, Historic Arkansas Museum.  The battle is at 11am.  We need militia and soldiers to fight for our independence.  Call or text Edward Williams, 501-944-0736

August 4—Ice Cream Social Carol Fritt’s Place, 501-350-1706

August 18th (Saturday) - Keelboat will be at Lake Dardanelle State Park, we need  folks to demonstrated crafts & skills, and a crew.  Call or text  Edward Williams, 501-944-0736.

August 25—EARA Picnic Wooly Hollow? Teresa Lafferty 501-247-6466

September 7-9-- Calico Rock Voo Billy Bennett 254-718-7410 /870-297-2269

September 15-17—Soggy Bottoms Voo Lori Bennett 903-949-8842

October 10th - 12th (Wednesday - Friday).  Keelboat will be at the Delta Cultural Center in Helena-West Helena.  Working with students and need craft & skill demonstrators.  Contact Ed Williams, 501-944-0736.

October 12th - 14th - Leslie Voo, Leslie, AR.  Call or text Glen Cook at either 501-941-7910 or 501-350-6640.

November 21-25—Petit jean Voo, Petit Jean Mountain State Park, Glenn Cook 501-941-7917/501-350-6640

December 2—Christmas Frolic, Historic Arkansas Museum, Call or text Edward Williams 501-944-0736.