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2018 Event Calendar

September 7-9-- Calico Rock Voo Billy Bennett 254-718-7410 /870-297-2269

September 15th, Saturday -  9AM to 3PM, Keelboat workday, lunch provided.  At Scott Settlement.  Call Ed, 501-944-0736 if you need directions.

September 21-22—Soggy Bottoms Voo Lori Bennett 903-949-8842

October 10th - 12th (Wednesday - Friday).  Keelboat will be at the Delta Cultural Center in Helena-West Helena.  Working with students and need craft & skill demonstrators.  Contact Ed Williams, 501-944-0736.

October 13th & 14th.  The keelboat will be at Columbia, LA to celebrate Ouachita River Water Ways.  Call Ed at 501-944-0736.  Boat will be in the water, so, need a crew.

October 12th - 14th - Leslie Voo, Leslie, AR.  Call or text Glen Cook at either 501-941-7910 or 501-350-6640.

November 21-25—Petit jean Voo, Petit Jean Mountain State Park, April Goff, 501-590-2583

November 28th thru December 4th Keelboat Event - (this includes two day drive time both ways) - Commemorating the beginning of the 1st Seminole War.  Chattahoochee, Florida.  We need a crew!  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736.

December 2—Christmas Frolic, Historic Arkansas Museum.

December 26th - 30th - Annual Keelboat float.  This year on the Ouachita River from Camden to Moro Bay and perhaps beyond.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736 or email at: dr.creekwalker@juno.com

2019 Event Calendar

January 12th:  Tentative Date:  12th Night Celebration at Scott Settlement.

January 25th - 27th -  Colonial and Early America at Cadron Blockhouse.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736, or email at: dr.creekwalker@gmail.com

March 1st-3rd: Early Arkansaw / Aux Arc event at WhiteOak Lake State Park.  Shooting, hawk, and fire-starting competitions.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736 or email: dr.creekwalker@gmail.com.

March 23rd (tentative) - Rendezvous at Oil Trough, Arkansas to celebrate the citizens of Oil Trough for helping out with the keelboat.  Tim Richardson is Boshway, 501-837-6278.

April 26th - 28th: Scott Settlement Rendezvous.  Plans for shooting, hawk, fire-start, and other competitions.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736 or email: dr.creekwalker@gmail.com