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2018 Event Calendar

November 21-25—Petit jean Voo, Petit Jean Mountain State Park, April Goff, 501-590-2583

November 29h thru December 3rd or 4th Keelboat Event - (this includes two day drive time both ways) - Commemorating the beginning of the 1st Seminole War.  Dothan, Alabama.  This is a static display, so, we can use folks that want to demo.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736 or dr.creekwalker@gmail.com.

December 2—Christmas Frolic, Historic Arkansas Museum.

December 26th - 30th - Annual Keelboat float.  This year on the Ouachita River from Camden to Moro Bay and perhaps beyond.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736 or email at: dr.creekwalker@juno.com

2019 Event Calendar

Jan. 11-13 12th Night Christmas Party (Either at Scott or NLR FOP) . Call Teresa Lafferty 501-247-6466/501-255-5801

Jan 25-26 Defense of Cadron Blockhouse, a Colonial event, at Cadron Park, Conway, AR  Call Ed Williams 501-944-0736 or dr.creekwalker@gmail.com

Feb 15-17 Five Trail’s Voo Washington State Park Washington State Park at Catt-Block House grounds. Call Lori Bennett 903-306-7781

February 22nd - 24th Arkansas Living History Association annual convention at Historic Arkansas Museum and Old State House in little Rock, AR.  Check website: https://arkansaslivinghistory.com/

March 1st and 2nd Davidsonville Bicentennial Arkansas Event Davidsonville State Park.  The "Aux Arc" will be there on Friday. Call Teresa Lafferty 501-247-6466/501-355-5801

March 2nd Territorial Days at the Delta Cultural Center in Helena-West Helena  The Aux Arc will be there. Check website: www.deltaculturalcenter.com/

March 9-17 Southwest Regional Rendezvous Deadhorse Creek, Texas early set up 3/6 See SWRR Facebook. Call Taylor Tomlin 361-319-2287 Jessie Saul 817-504-2186 James Thompson 501-255-5801

March 29-31 Saline Crossing Rendezvous Set up on Thursday. Call Doyle Richey 501-860-2544 or Marsha Kimmery 501-860-3686

March 16th - 21st  Spring Break Keelboat Trip down the Ouachita River. From Moro Bay State Park, AR to Finch Bayou Rec Area, LA.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736.

March 22-24 Oil Trough Appreciation Camp/Breakfast. Call Tim Richards 501-225-3935/Glenn Cook 501-941-7917

April 11th - 13th Arkansas Historical Association's Annual Conference at Stuttgart, AR.  Go to web site: 

April 20th Colbert's at Arkansas Post.  Celebrating the last battle of the American Revolutionary War.  Car Ed Williams, 501-944-0736

April 18-21 Wooly Hollow Voo Wooly Hollow State Park. Call Billy Koch 501-351-0561/Tom Reedy 501-679-1636

April 26-28 Scott Plantation Rendezvous Scott Plantation Village Scott, Ark. Call Ed Williams 501-944-0736

May 3rd & 4th  Tennessee Bicentennial  event at McFarland Park, Florence, TN.  The "Aux Arc" will be there and need a crew.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736 or dr.creekwalker@gmail.com

May 11 HAMM Spring Frolic (Daytime event) Historic Arkansas Museum Scott & 6th LR, AR Call Ed Williams 501-944-0736

May 18-19 Wolf House Wolf House State Park Norfork, Ar. The "Aux Arc" will be there. Call Tom Reedy 501-679-1636/ Marvin

June 1-2 Bennett’s Wildcat Rendezvous Billy Bennett’s Farm, Jordan, AR. Call Billy/Cathey Bennett 870-297-2269/254-718-7410

July 4th Celebration at HAMM (Daytime event) HAMM Scott&6th LR, AR. Call Ed Williams 501-944-0736

July 18-21 MOJAM Marshall, MO Call James Thompson 501-255-5801

August 3 Ice Cream Social at Carol’s Porch Little Rock. Call Carol Fritts 501-350-1706

August 24 EARA Annual Picnic and Annual meeting at FOP, NLR. Call Teresa Lafferty 501-247-6466/James Thompson 501-255-5801

Sept 13-15 Batesville Frontier’s Day’s Rendezvous at City Park on White River. Call Billy Bennett870-297-2269/254-718-7410

Sept 27-28 Soggy Bottom’s Rendezvous Washington State Park (School Kids on 9-27). Call Lori Bennnett 903-306-7781

Oct 5th Sorghum Cooking at Scott Fall Festival (Daytime event). Call Doyle Richey 501-860-2544/ Ed Williams 501-944-0736

Oct 10-13 Leslie Rendezvous Leslie, Ark Call Glen Cook 501-941-7917

Oct. 18-20 Fort Critter Rendezvous Foulke, Ark at Critter’s Farm. Call Dianne Estrata 903-665-1672/ David Pilgrin 903-276-8169/903-227-8302

Nov. 1-3 Pig Eye Day’s Scotland, Arkansas Call James Thompson 501-247-6466/501-255-5801

Nov 28-Dec 1 Petite Jean Rendezvous Petite Jean State Park. Call April Goff 501-590-2583

Dec. 14 Hamm Christmas Frolic Scott & 6th Museum (Daytime event)Call Ed Williams 501-944-0736

December 26th - 30th - Annual Keelboat float.  This year on the Ouachita River.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736 or email at: dr.creekwalker@juno.com

**(Dodridge Voo will be every other year..Due in 2019.. Unknown date Call David Pilgrin 903-277-8302)