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EVENTS 2020 & 2021

Call ahead to be sure the event is still on.

2020 Event Calendar

Jan. 11th 12th Night Party.  Place and time not scheduled.  Call Teresa Lafferty 501-247-6466

January 24th - 26th.  Defense of Cadron Blockhouse an Arkansas Colonial Event.  Cadron Park west of Conway, AR.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736

Feb. 14th - 16th.  Five Trail's Voo.  Historic Washington State Park.  Lori Bennett, 903-306-7781

March 6th - 8th.  Early Arkansas event at WhiteOak Lake State Park, West of Camden, AR.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736.

March 14th - 22nd.  SouthWest Rendezvous (SWRR), Henderson Texas at Two Ball's Farm.  Jan Kitlinger 940-867-7432 (Not an EARA event)

April 3rd.  Keelboat at Lyon's College Scottish Festival

April 3rd - 5th  Saline Crossing Voo.  Benton, AR, cll Doyle Richey 501-8602544 or Marsha Kimmerey 501-860-3686

April 17th - 19th Woolly Hollow State Park Voo (EARA Board meeting).  Call Tom Reedy 501-679-1636 or Tinker 501-351-0561

April 18th Colbert's Raid at Arkansas Post National Memorial.  Call Ed Williams 501-944-0736

May 1st - 3rd.  Scott Settlement Voo, Scott, AR.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736

May 9th HAM's Spring Frolic, 6th & Scott, Little Rock.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736

May 15th - 17th.  Wolf House: Pioneer Dqys, Norfolk, AR.  Call Tom Reedy, 501-679-1636

June 5th - 7th.  Bennett's Wildcat Voo.  Jordan, AR.  Call Billy or Cathey Bennett, 870-297-2269 or 254-718-7410

July 4th.  HAM 6th & Scott.  Rev war battle.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736

July 16th - 18th  MOJAM Marshall, MO Call James Thompson 501-860-2547  (not an EARA event)

August 8th Ice Cream Social at Carol’s Porch Little Rock. Call Carol Fritts 501-350-1706

August 22nd, Saturday.  Keelboat at Lake Dardanelle State Park.  The boat and all of you will be at the fish weigh-in station near the boat ramp and Visitor's Center.  Call Ed, 501-944-0736

August 22nd EARA Annual Picnic and Annual meeting.  

Sept 25th-27th Soggy Bottom’s Rendezvous Washington State Park (School Kids on 9-27). Call Lori Bennnett 903-306-7781

Oct 3rd Sorghum Cooking at Scott Fall Festival (Daytime event). Call Doyle Richey 501-860-2544/ Ed Williams 501-944-0736 (Not an EARA event)

Oct 9th-11th Leslie Rendezvous Leslie, Ark Call Glen Cook 501-941-7917

October 12th, Saturday.  Keelboat will be at Columbia, LA for their Historical Festival.  Need a crew.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736

Oct. 18-20 Fort Copper Rendezvous Fouke, Ark at Critter’s Farm. Call Dianne Estrata 903-665-1672/ David Pilgrin 903-276-8169/903-227-8302 (Not an EARA event)

Nov. 6-7 Wolf House Fall Voo, Norfolk, AR.  Call Tom Reedy, 501-679-1636

Nov 26-29 (*) Petite Jean Rendezvous Petite Jean State Park. Call April Goff 501-590-2583

December 2nd - 8th.  The keelboat will participate in the Seminole War event at Chattahoochee, Florida.  Need a crew, call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736.

December 12th HAM Christmas Frolic Scott & 6th Museum (Daytime event)Call Ed Williams 501-944-0736

December 26th-31st.   Keelboat trip on the Ouachita River, Locust Bayou Park to Moro Bay State Park.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736.

2021 Event Calendar

April 30th - May 2nd.  Scott Settlement Voo, Scott, AR.  Call Ed Williams, 501-944-0736