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Arkansaw History Resources on the Web

The following links are suggested reading for those who wish to learn more about early Arkansaw history.

Folks that Visited and Wrote About Early Arkansaw

Thomas Nuttall (1819)

Henry Schoolcraft

George Featherstonhaugh

Friedrich Gerstacker

Historical Events in Early Arkansaw

Colbert's Raid (Revolutionary War Battle Fought in Arkansaw)

Another link to Colbert's Raid (Revolutionary War Battle Fought in Arkansaw)

Founding of Arkansas Post 

Exploring and Surveying the Louisiana Purchase 


Sites and Organizations

Historic Arkansas Museum

Encyclopedia of Arkansas

Petit Jean State Park

Mt. Magazine State Park

Louisiana Purchase State Park

Old State House Museum

Trail of Tears Association (TOTA)

Historic Washington State Park

South Arkansas Historical Foundation and Newton House Museum

Cadron Settlement Park

Directions to the Sylamore Creek Rendezvous

16th Regiment of Foote

Miscellaneous Links

Bibliography of the Fur Trade
This link is to a fur trade bibliography compiled by EARA member Mike “Smoke” Pfeiffer. Smoke is a skilled researcher and has published many scholarly articles on the western fur trade.

2006 Clay Tobacco Pipes and the Fur Trade of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Plains, Historic Clay Tobacco Pipe Studies, Research Monograph 1. Phytolith Press, Ponca City, Oklahoma.
I gave EARA and HHML each a hard copy of this when it came out.  Woodenhawk has some to sell.

Prehistoric and Historic Native American Tobacco & Pipes: An Introductory Bibliography 2014

Archaeology and the Fur Trade Bibliography, March 2015

Clay Tobacco Pipe Bibliography April 2015

Gunflints: An Introductory Bibliography Aug 2015 #2